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Allison Stoiser Art

Cosmic Caterpillars Washi Tape

Cosmic Caterpillars Washi Tape

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Buy any 3 regular rolls of washi tape and get 1 free!

These space sphingids are out of this world! These illustrations are based on species found in the forest surrounding my home in Upstate South Carolina. Most sphinx caterpillars all glow under a UV light, so the easiest way to go about finding them (for me, at least!) is to shine a UV light on their host plants on a dark night. This washi tape captures the feeling of seeing these beautiful creatures glowing out from the darkness!

Species featured include the blinded sphinx, huckleberry sphinx, small-eyed sphinx, Virginia creeper sphinx, tersa sphinx, hummingbird clearwing, snowberry clearwing, and pawpaw sphinx.

This washi tape roll measures 15mm x 10m.

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