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Allison Stoiser Art

Tortoise Beetle Weatherproof Vinyl Sticker

Tortoise Beetle Weatherproof Vinyl Sticker

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This jungle jack o’lantern is Cyclosoma mirabilis, a species of tortoise beetle. Tortoise beetles get their common name from how their pronotum (the top part of their middle segment/top of their thorax) and elytra (hardened forewings over their abdomen) extend down and over their legs, providing them with a defensive “shell.” When they stand still with their legs beneath them, they’re as defended as little tanks!

Measurements: 4” x 2.5”

This die-cut gloss vinyl sticker is durable, weatherproof, and perfect for water bottles, notebooks, laptops, bikes, and all sorts of other surfaces! Make sure to clean and dry the surface thoroughly before applying.  

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