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Allison Stoiser Art

Alurnus orbignyi Weatherproof Vinyl Beetle Sticker

Alurnus orbignyi Weatherproof Vinyl Beetle Sticker

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This large, bright yellow beetle is Alurnus orbignyi. Despite being relatively large beetles with striking coloration, we don’t know much more about Alurnus beetles than what meets the eye! What we do know, is that the few species from this genus with recorded life histories are known to eat palm leaves as both larvae and adults—but with hundreds of species of palms, we can’t be sure which are important to each species. We also can speculate that many Alurnus beetles are chemically defended based on their bright (or aposematic) coloration. But…that’s about it! I saw this beetle on the ground at the Las Piedras Amazon Center.

Measurements: approximately 4” x 3”

This die-cut gloss vinyl sticker is durable, weatherproof, and perfect for water bottles, notebooks, laptops, bikes, and all sorts of other surfaces! Make sure to clean and dry the surface thoroughly before applying.  

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